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The Right Device: What Technology makes since for your business?

Selection Phase: Just because it's popular or new does not mean it's right for you!

At MNML Aesthetics our goal is to make the process of selecting and acquiring aesthetic devices easier and cheaper. We are committed to helping our customers get the right device for their practice or medspa at the best possible price. Our team will provide expert advice on which device is right for you that will help you promote your services. We want to ensure our customers have the necessary tools to grow and succeed in the world of aesthetic medicine. With our wide range of products and competitive pricing, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service. Let us help you find the right device for success!

I saved $50,000.00 in one conversation with MNML. Thank you! –Le Lihn, Dallas MedSpa

We always recommend visiting the numerous conferences and tradeshows to interface with all device manufactures and learn from peers. But that is only the begging.

The Right Device

Section 1: Demo

Validating a technology before offering it to your clients and patients is key:

  • Manufacture Demo

  • Secret Shop a Competitor

  • Research tech specs of competitive technologies

  • Understand pricing,

  • Diligence on ongoing cost and maintenance

Section 2: Survey your existing patient base

Follow these steps to pre-sale and ensure patient opt-in

  1. Use short questionnaires to uncover unaddressed concerns .

  2. Offer discounted initial services to pre-book revenue before a device arrives.

  3. Host a launch event with free procedures.

Remember that the cost metrics not only including the initial investment but that of preventative maintenance and consumables must be factored for before investing. Once the above is complete and you are ready to invest and add a technology --- read our blog on the importance of marketing coming April 14th.

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