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INMODE: Morpheus 8 Fractional Micro-Needling, a must have?

RF Microneedling: Product Review: The Latest in skin tightening, taking the aesthetic market by store.

Stimulate Collagen and Fibro-blast in the Face and Body.

Inmode formally know as Invasix is a leader in aesthetic device distribution and know widely as the "RF Company".

Inmode's product suite consists of a range of energy-based medical devices for aesthetic treatments. Their portfolio includes the popular Morpheus8 platform, which combines RF and laser technologies to provide fractional resurfacing with skin tightening and fat loss benefits. In addition, Inmode also offers various facial rejuvenation systems such as FractoraV, Accutite, and Diolaze. For body contouring, Inmode has the Venus Legacy platform, which utilizes multipolar radio frequency technology to target stubborn fat cells with skin tightening benefits. Finally, the company's most recent release is the Vivace RF Microneedling device, a minimally invasive treatment for facial rejuvenation that combines microneedling with RF energy. With their wide range of products, Inmode is able to provide medical practitioners with the tools to give their patients the best treatment outcomes possible.

Morpheus: Face vs. Body

The facial applicator offers depths of 3.5mm and RF emittance of upto 4mm while the body applicator offers depths of 7.5mm and RF emittance of upto 8mm.

MAP: Minimum Advertised Price Setting

In addition to the cost of purchasing an Inmode device, there are other hidden costs that practitioners should consider. Depending on their needs, practitioners may need to purchase additional accessories or training materials for their device. Additionally, some devices require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure optimal performance. Finally, most Inmode devices come with a warranty that must be kept up to date in order to ensure the device remains covered. All of these costs should be taken into account when deciding whether or not to invest in an Inmode product. With careful consideration, practitioners can make sure that their investment is worth it and get the most out of their device.

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