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Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Step into a new era of sleekness with our cutting-edge hair removal machines. Tailored for professionals, these devices offer a minimally invasive approach to achieving silky-smooth skin. Powered by the latest technology, our machines deliver effective and comfortable hair removal experiences, providing lasting results. Elevate your beauty services by integrating our state-of-the-art devices, giving your clients the joy of effortlessly smooth skin. Embrace the forefront of hair removal innovation and redefine beauty standards with our precision-engineered solutions.
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  • Sciton

    2016 Sciton Joule w/ Halo

    $64,899.00 USD $69,899.00
  • Alma Lasers

    2019 Alma Soprano ICE Platinum

    $49,899.00 USD $55,899.00
  • Cartessa Aesthetics

    2020 Cartessa Deka Motus AX

    $34,899.00 USD
  • Lumenis

    2009 Lumenis Lightsheer Duet

    $18,899.00 USD
  • Lumenis

    2011 Lumenis LightSheer XC

    $14,899.00 USD
  • Syneron

    2013 Syneron Elos Plus (For Parts)

    $9,899.00 USD $19,899.00
  • Candela

    2019 Candela VBeam Prima AS IS

    $9,899.00 USD $29,899.00
  • Asclepion Lasers

    ASCLEPION MedioStar XT Painted Non-Working Unit

    $49.00 USD $250.00

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