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Experience a new dimension of youthful radiance with our state-of-the-art skin tightening machines. Tailored for skincare professionals, these devices redefine the approach to achieving firm and revitalized skin. Harnessing advanced technology, our skin tightening machines provide a non-invasive and effective solution for enhancing skin elasticity and reducing fine lines. Elevate your skincare practice by incorporating our cutting-edge devices, ensuring your clients enjoy the transformative benefits of a tightened and rejuvenated complexion. Redefine beauty standards with our precision-engineered solutions for skin tightening.
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  • Agnes

    2021 AGNES Precision RF Microneedling

    $29,899.00 USD $39,899.00
  • Agnes

    2022 AGNES Precision RF Microneedling

    $29,899.00 USD $34,899.00
  • Inmode Aesthetics

    2016 Inmode RF w/ Fractora Handpieces & BodyTite, FaceTite, AccuTite

    $19,899.00 USD
  • Ultherapy

    2015 Ultherapy Ulthera

    $15,899.00 USD
  • Inmode Aesthetics

    2014 InMode RF

    $14,899.00 USD $17,899.00
  • Lumenis

    2019 Pollogen Legend Pro

    $14,899.00 USD
  • Cutera

    2018 Cutera Secret RF

    $14,899.00 USD $24,899.00
  • Rohrer Aesthetics

    2019 Roher Pixel8

    $13,899.00 USD $16,899.00
  • Cutera

    2017 Cutera TruSculpt 3D

    $6,899.00 USD

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