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Sexual Wellness

Sexual Wellness

Revolutionize intimate wellness with our advanced machines, specifically designed to address concerns like sexual incontinence. Tailored for comprehensive care, these devices offer discreet and effective solutions, combining cutting-edge technology with comfort. Elevate your practice by incorporating our innovative devices, ensuring your clients experience the highest standards of intimate well-being and targeted treatment for sexual incontinence. Join the forefront of sexual wellness innovation and redefine pleasure with our precision-engineered solutions.
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  • BTL Aesthetics

    2018 BTL Aesthetics Emsella

    $44,899.00 USD $60,000.00
  • Zimmer

    2015 Zimmer Z-Wave Pro

    $7,899.00 USD
  • Viveve

    2021 Viveve 2.0

    $4,899.00 USD $14,899.00
  • Thermi Aesthetics

    2016 ThermiVA RF PARTS ONLY

    $199.00 USD

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